Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Captain Phillips - A Movie Experience

I am going to accept it right away... Captain Phillips is an awesome movie. It is one of the finest movie experiences I have had.

I haven't blogged for a long time. And watching Captain Phillips is changing that status for me.

My cousins work in the shipping industry and travel a lot in ships. I have seen many of their photos and videos and the movie was an extension of it. My entire family is very worried when they travel in the Somali pirates areas.

The movie was everything I imagined of feelings the ship's crew would have when attacked by pirates. I even felt it watching Captain Phillips. I experienced the movie as if I am "Captain Phillips".

The movie gave me that feeling. Hollywood movies rarely give me this nowadays. I needed Captain Phillips to see what I was missing.

The movie was so good that I kept my legs tapping in anticipation of what is going to happen.

There was this scene where Tom Hanks cries and I was full of goosebumps and I closed my eyes to take in that feeling. This is one of the rare times that happened to me in a movie theater.

My mind was filled with the question - If a captain who could take the responsibility of handling a ship for months together feels what Captain Phillips feels at the end of a movie, what would we common people feel?

"Cast Away" was filled with Tom Hanks' brilliant acting. "Captain Phillips" is on par with Cast Away and maybe even an improvement.

All I can say is, watch the movie and experience it.