Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Happiest Day !!!

You read that right...

Today is the Happiest day of the year 2007 according to the research conducted by Dr Cliff Arnall, a researcher at the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom. He arrived at this using a formula.

On personal experience today was a Happy Day for me :-), but that may vary for you. Hope it does not.

Dr Cliff Arnall had also calculated the most depressing day of the year which was January 24th 2007.

Hope you had a good day. Read from the links for further information.

Blue Monday - Wikipedia, BBC News

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boeing is the best seller for 2006

Airbus and Boeing are the largest sellers of aircrafts in the world and their annual order numbers are a comparison worth watching.

Boeing has reported that the net orders for the last year is 1044 (1050 gross) making it the top seller of Airplanes for the year 2006.

This is the second year that the company is holding the record for. In the year 2005 it had net orders for 1002 (1029 gross).

Airbus on the other hand had a net order of 790 aircraft (824 gross). Airbus claims that "With more than 7,000 aircraft ordered by international customers, Airbus is an undisputed world leader in the civil air transport marketplace." Airbus has another feather in its cap since it had leaded Boeing in planes delivered, with 434 aircraft versus 398 deliveries by Boeing.

Take a look at the details in their official pages below.

Boeing Official Page
Airbus Official Page

More details on the original article page (about Boeing) in the link below.
Courtesy: World Aviation Group