Friday, March 04, 2011

Why I wanted to move my Blog from Blogger to Wordpress and Why I didn't

There is a lot of debate over which online blogging platform is best. This question can be much easily answered if it is slightly altered - "Which blogging platform is best for me?" - Wordpress vs Blogger, Blogger vs Posterous, etc.

Yes. I asked this question to myself and here I am writing a post about it.

To start with, I have not written anything on my blog for so long. So I needed to start afresh. Wordpress was a good refresher.

But then I thought that I could change to a good blogger theme and maintain my blog in blogger itself.

When I started blogging, I was all excited about a place for myself in the World Wide Web, and I put a lot of widgets in my blog which made it look cluttered.

But then changing the blogger theme automatically removed the widgets in the old theme.

Wordpress has the biggest collection of themes. Blogger themes are old for me.

But then new blogger themes like "picture window" are very good and I am impressed.

Wordpress has a mobile version for my blog, which is sleek. Blogger doesn't have that yet.

But then I learned that Blogger announced the mobile version on December 17th 2010 and it is now automatically changing to the mobile version when it is accessed from a mobile device. But it works only for webkit browsers like the default browser in Android.

Wordpress has a good open source android application for creating and editing posts. Blogger does not.

But then I found that Blogger also has an official android app, but it is not as good as wordpress, but there is another app called blogger-droid.

Finally Blogger is so yesteryear. Wordpress is the big name in Blogging world now.

But then I like classic things. The name blogger and blogspot retain the spirit of blogging when it was first introduced. I like my web address -

Blogger was the first platform that I started blogging and I want to retain it. When my friend first introduced me to blogger he said - "This is a place that you can tell whatever you want to the whole world - with your own web address". I couldn't believe him, because as far as I knew, you had to pay for a website to do that. I had to create an account and post something to believe it.

Blogger is owned by Google and so you can use your google login to create or edit posts in Blogger. Also you have the option of allowing people to create or edit posts - People with Google Logins - I mean everybody has one nowadays (Thanks to Gmail).

Also added to this you can link your own domain to blogger for free.

Considering all this, I think I will stick with blogger for now.

Update: As far as I know until now, I think that Google search (SEO) is good with Wordpress than its own blogger. Still I am holding on to blogger.

Update 2: I added this blog to "Add your URL to Google" page and after a day or two I am able to see my blog listed in the search results by Google.

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