Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello office, I'll sign the documents from my vacation

It is very much possible now. Thanks to the Booker prize winning author Margaret Atwood and her team led by Matthew Gibson.

Usually writers have to travel far and to many places at a stretch for signing events to keep up the relationship between the authors and their readers. This difficulty is eliminated now with the invention of a gadget called "LONGPEN". It is a remote controlled pen operated by mechanical arms.

The user can be on one side and the longpen can be placed anywhere in the world. Once the user signs in the electronic pad, the same is transmitted to the device and the mechanical arms reproduce the signature in the paper.

In fact its developers say, longpen can not only sign in papers, but it can sign in hockey bats, and work is in progress for making it sign in basketballs.

Its about time that we start writing our examinations from the comfort of our home.

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